Good and Service Tax is the largest Indirect tax reform in India which is going to impact the way business is carried out at pan India level. It’s going to replace almost all the existing Indirect tax or levies like Excise Duty, Service Tax , VAT, Entry Tax etc. It’s impact will vary across the different kind of businesses.
Dual GST structure enhances the overall complexity which can be mitigated through a robust IT system. It’s imperative and high time for companies to gear up and assess the likely impact of GST on their kind of business. Old age concepts like “Sale”, “Manufacturing”, “Stock Transfer” needs to be unlearned and new terms like “Destination”, “Consumption”, “Place of supply” to be learned. Now, almost whole India will be one market, breaking the boundaries of erstwhile State specific indirect taxes.

Master associates, as a GST CONSULTANTS prepare assesses for smooth transition from Pre GST era to Post GST. Master associates’ GST consultancy makes an assesses GST compliant. We help our clients in knowing:

  • GST implementation and transition
  • GST Training
  • GST law implication to an assesses
  • Labour Act
  • MSME
  • Pancard
  • DSC (class-3)